Aashka: Journey of the heart

Join Aashka and her sled dog teammates on an epic adventure in a race against time.

Join Aashka, the littlest sled dog and her friends as they embark on an epic adventure through the wilds of Alaska’s backcountry. Two diverse teams of sled dogs come together for a common good with purpose-driven passion, persistence, wit and humor to save the day in a race against time. 

Their challenging journey takes them over the Talkeetna Mountains, across breathtaking spires, through dazzling shards of glacier ice, down iceberg-laden rapids, and fighting through blinding blizzards too near treacherous drop-offs. 

Get ready for an animated adventure like no other, where the wolf, the wind, and the wild come to test even the mightiest of sled dogs. The scenery is magical. The suspense will have you holding your breath. The comedy and frivolity will make your jaws hurt.

AASHKA: Journey of the Heart is based on the inspirational Aashka Adventures storybooks using the antics of sled dogs within the healing lure of nature. Together, changing lives.


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Kevin Sorbo

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‘God’s Not Dead’

‘Let There Be Light’

‘Left Behind’

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Jen Ledger

Drummer/Co-Vocalist in the Grammy Award 

Nominated Rock Band Billboard Music Award 

GMA Dove Award

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Wynonna Judd

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Deb "Danny" Glenn

Founder/Screenplay Author/Executive Producer

DEB “Danny” GLENN is an acclaimed author, dedicated adventurer, and inspirational speaker. She has written 11 children’s books, six novels, and the full-length animated feature film manuscript, “AASHKA: Journey of the Heart”.

Danny is a world-class equestrian, gold medal sculler, and professional dog musher who has driven over 10,000 miles in the extreme wilds of our Nation’s backcountry with her Alaskan husky rescues. As a pro se litigant she challenged an international lending institution that had committed fraud and won. She is a self-actualized woman of principle and drive.

“It’s all about character and purpose,” says Glenn whose mission is to encourage readers and listeners to “become their best self”. She achieves this goal by entwining her extreme adventures with the antics of her sled dogs – action-packed Aashka Adventures storybooks, keynotes, and now the soon-to-be classic movie that aims to spread hope and positivity around the world.

AASHKA: Journey of the heart

“Team Dogs” from the Aashka Adventures storybooks come alive when they meet up with “Adventure Dogs” on an epic journey that shows how two diverse groups can come together for the common good.

The movie is set in the wildly picturesque landscape of Alaska. 

The movie’s tone is one of mystery, beauty, majesty, fantasy, intrigue, suspense, frivolity, comedy, and joy.


Davy Liu

Kendu Films Founder/Disney Animator

DAVY LIU is a celebrated artist in the United States, China and around the world. His artistic talent is most known for work he completed at Walt Disney Feature Animation, including key creative work on Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Mulan and The Lion King, and many other classic Disney films. He also worked for George Lucas at Industrial Light & Magic on the Star Wars prequels, and for Warner Bros. Feature Animation on Iron Giant and Space Jam, among others.

Screenwriter Deb Glenn
with animator Davy Liu in Alaska

Produced by

Reel FX Animation Studios

Reel FX Animation is our choice for an animation production studio partner.

Reel FX Animation has created animated content in feature films, television, and groundbreaking entertainment for over 25 years. That experience and passion for animation shine in every frame we produce. Our 500+ team in Dallas, Montreal, and Hollywood has perfected the art of cross-studio collaboration.

Original films The Book of Life, Free Birds, and the latest, Rumble, illustrate our longstanding creative obsession. Our artists have received the most prestigious accolades in the industry, including Academy, Golden Globe, Emmy, Annie, and Clio Awards. 

We are artists. We are collaborators. We are Reel FX.