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The Aashka Adventure books are enriching, faith-based, stories for early readers and listeners. The books explore solutions to some of today’s most challenging issues using the antics of sled dogs who endear audiences in a special inviting way. 

The inspirational and motivational stories are further enhanced when parents/educators choose to use the Aashka Adventure Companion Study to lead discussions and delve deeper into the stories scriptural foundation. 

Aashka: The Littlest Sled Dog
You are somebody special. Do the best you can with what you’ve been given and feel empowered.

Aashka: The Great Misadventure
Avoid temptation. Make good
decisions and you can be a star,
and your light will lead the way
for others.

Aashka: The Lone Wolf
Love is power. Don’t be a bully.
Your purpose it to love – you will
be a hero as you give others a
true sense of belonging.

Aashka: The Midnight Run
There is a great value and
strength for success found in
teamwork. Lend a helping hand
and feel profoundly satisfied.

Aashka: The Storm Cloud
You can find comfort and peace
through the storms of life –
believe it!

Aashka: The Drought
Always work hard to establish a firm foundation. Stack the odds in your favor by being prepared.

Aashka: The Classroom Visit
Seek after wisdom. Stay in focus and never stop learning. No one ever knows it all.

Church School Supplement


Limited/Signed Commemorative Set

Enriching stories using the antics of sled dogs to explore solutions to challenging issues of today.

All 7 books and Aashka Plush

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Suggested discussion topics that align with each book are: 

Aashka: The Littlest Sled Dog – identity issues; poor self-esteem; stereotyping; feelings of unworthiness; gratitude 

Aashka: The Great Misadventure – self-control; courage to defeat temptation; integrity; practicing adherence to moral values 

Aashka: The Lone Wolf – bullying; loneliness; isolation; displacement; abuse; gangs; sibling rivalry; humility 

Aashka: The Midnight Run – building strong relationships; actualizing dreams; helping others; rising above adversity; unity 

Aashka: The Storm Cloud – depression; dealing with loss and grief; faith; friendship 

Aashka: The Drought – laziness; feelings of entitlement; lack of work ethic; saving for the future; preparing for eternity; helping lead others to Christ 

Aashka: The Classroom Visit – distraction to being taught; the need for instant gratification; patience in learning; developing good study habits by focusing and using personal discipline